Prices & Performance

Information to Consider Regarding Subaccounts, Portfolios and Prices & Performance

The Prudential variable annuity platform is comprised of a wide range of individual investment subaccounts, including a variety of Asset Allocation Portfolios. Each subaccount has its own investment goal and style (and, as a result, its own level of risk). Some of the subaccounts offer the potential for higher returns with higher risk, while others seek stable returns with relatively less risk. There is no assurance any of the portfolio’s objectives will be achieved. To find information on the website in relation to the particular objective and additional background information, visit either the Subaccounts section or Prices & Performance section, then select the subaccount of your choice. Additional information about each portfolio’s potential investments and its risks is included in the prospectus under “Investment Objectives and Policies.”

Performance of Underlying Portfolios
Underlying portfolios may have existed prior to the inception of the subaccounts. Performance regarding such subaccounts is calculated using the actual fees and charges of the product as if such product was available since the inception of such subaccount. Non-standardized performance is calculated from the underlying portfolio's inception date which may be different from its adoption in the contract. Performance that predates the adoption of the portfolio in the contract is hypothetical.

Non-Standardized Returns
Non-standardized returns are net of all underlying charges but do not reflect the deduction of the annual maintenance fee and the contingent deferred sales charges, except where noted.

Standardized Returns
Standardized returns, in accordance with SEC rules, are calculated from inception of the subaccount and for the applicable periods assuming a $1,000 investment made at the beginning of the applicable period. Standardized returns reflect the deduction of all underlying subaccount fees and charges based on the underlying variable annuity.

Variable Annuities Fees and Charges
Variable annuities deduct all management fees and expenses of the underlying subaccounts, insurance charges, administration fees, and other charges automatically from the assets in each subaccount. For purposes of this website, insurance (mortality & expense risk) and administrative charges are assumed to be the amount shown.

Where noted, total returns reflect the CDSC that would be imposed upon a complete surrender at the end of the applicable period. Because past performance is intended to depict the experience of a hypothetical investor over the measuring period, and because the hypothetical investor could effect a purchase only on a business day, we assume in these calculations that the purchase was effected the business day prior to the start of the measuring period, if that start day was not itself a business day.

The maintenance fee is deducted annually on the anniversary of the issue date of your annuity or, if you surrender your annuity during the annuity year, at the time of surrender.