Variable Annuities

What's your measure of financial freedom?
A variable annuity can help you get there.

Put the power of a variable annuity to work for you.

Tax-deferred investing
Any growth in your investment earnings grows tax-deferred until you make a withdrawal from your annuity or begin to receive annuity income payments.

Choice and flexibility
We offer a range of investment options across asset classes. These investment options are managed by some of the best-known portfolio managers in the industry. Plus, you have the flexibility to exchange money from one investment option to another within your annuity, without paying taxes.

Retirement income
You have many options when the time comes to start drawing income from your variable annuity, including payments guaranteed for life, liquidity to provide you with access to some or all of your funds, and inflation sensitivity.

Living benefits
Prudential Annuities Optional Living Benefits, available at an additional cost, may help protect your principal, provide guaranteed withdrawals and accumulations, or ease your concerns about outliving your income, while you save for retirement. More.

Death benefits
If you pass away before you annuitize your variable annuity, the issuer will pay a death benefit to your beneficiaries. We also offer optional enhanced death benefits at an additional cost.

Prudential Annuities offers a wide selection of variable annuities to help you meet your retirement goals.