At Prudential Annuities, we understand that every retirement investor has different goals, risk tolerances, and time horizons. That’s why we created a range of solutions that combine the best features of traditional variable annuities, along with innovative new ideas, to offer more control and more opportunities for growth.

We're The Highest Daily CompanyTM and committed to helping you have a more secure future.

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What are your goals?



Predictable income without
investing in stocks

Defined Income
Variable Annuity

This unique variable annuity can tell you exactly what your income will be, now or at any point in the future. And that income is guaranteed for life, without stock market exposure.
Help increase and
protect retirement income


Highest Daily
Lifetime® Income
Variable Annuity

This optional benefit, available on Prudential Premier Retirement Variable Annuities, can help increase income for retirement, help protect it from downturns, and guarantee it lasts a lifetime.
More efficient
investment growth


Premier Investment ®
Variable Annuity
This variable annuity provides a diversified range of investments, a pro-growth fee structure, and tax advantages that can help your money grow more efficiently.


Highest Daily Lifetime Income may be a good fit if you seek to:
  • Increase retirement income by locking in* new account highs daily AND immediately growing those highs at a compounded rate for retirement purposes. (Note: daily compounded growth continues for the first 10 years or until first withdrawal, whichever comes first)
    *Please note lock-ins do not apply to the account value. The account value is not guaranteed, can fluctuate, and may lose value.
  • Protect income through downturns
  • Gain access to a wide range of professionally managed investment portfolios
  • Provide a legacy for beneficiaries with standard and enhanced death benefit options
Prudential Defined Income may be a good fit if you seek to:
  • Enjoy the predictability of knowing, on day one of your contract, exactly how much your lifetime income will be, whether you start taking it immediately, or later
  • Aims to provide a higher level of minimum guaranteed income – at lower cost – than generally found with most other VAs with living benefits.
  • Grow lifetime income at a guaranteed growth rate until the first withdrawal is taken
  • Protect income through interest rate and other market fluctuations
  • Provide a guaranteed death benefit for beneficiaries
The Premier® Investment VA may be a good fit if you seek to:
  • Help increase investment growth by deferring taxes until you start taking withdrawals
  • Rebalance investments without triggering annual taxes
  • Create a diversified portfolio to help reduce volatility and potentially help performance over time
  • Access leading brand name and boutique investment firms through a variety of investment strategies
  • Provide a legacy for loved ones with an optional Return of Purchase Payments Death Benefit, which is available for a fee




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